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Valuation Process

Broker's Opinion of Value - A market-derived opinion of probable sale or lease price.


  • Real-time market information
  • Broad market penetration
  • Database of market comparables


  • Better understanding of the market
  • Realistic position of your property vs. the market

Comparative Market Analysis

Most brokers can run comparable sales for your property and provide you with an estimated value. The fact is you probably already know many of the comps and might already know what that estimated value is. Most of the time these quick comparative market analysis, or CMA's, have little value to a property owner. To provide our clients with a Broker's Opinion of Value that is truly valuable, we spend considerably more time analyzing the property to identify the highest and best use and potential opportunities for forced appreciation.

What do we do?

We complete a thorough site visit and analysis of the property. We review the zoning, possible uses, the income and expenses, the leases, and other components of the property. We research and compare the property to similar properties sold, leased and currently on the market. We run financial cash flow projections and proforma analysis. We meet with you to present a written broker's opinion of value and market analysis including comps.

What are the fees?

This service is free if you engage Venture One Properties Commercial Real Estate in marketing the property. If you need the analysis for another reason, or you are not ready to go to market at that time, the costs will vary depending on the property type, size, and scope of work. If we sell the property in the next 12 months, we refund the fee at closing.

Evaluations, Broker Opinion of Values & Research

We are happy to help you evaluate your property giving you advice on the local market conditions and expectations of turnaround time to sell, price to market or even helping you determine what you would expect to pay for space to suit your needs.

If you need a Broker Opinion of Value, we can provide you with a complete market conditions analysis. We will do our research to provide you with most up-to-date information. We want to give you an accurate appraisal to help value your property and let you know what your property needs. In some cases, we can save you money by hiring an appraiser.

We understand the current market conditions. We complete extensive research on local market factors, and we have years of local experience. Our experience will help ease your stress during decision-making processes. 

Markets served

  • South East Idaho

Property types

  • Retail/Commercial
  • Office
  • Industrial
  • Land


Contact us to find out more about our broker price opinion services by calling us at 208-542-7979 or by e-mailing